Irene Grant-Jones

Irene Grant-Jones

Stunning soprano soloist Irene Grant-Jones welcomes the opportunity to sing at your wedding service or ceremony.

Irene will transform your service or ceremony with her beautiful voice and unique singing of any music of your choice or music recommended by her, making your wedding an even more memorable occasion for you and your guests.  Click here to listen to her voice.

Irene takes a personal interest in couples as they plan their wedding music and helps them choose the most appropriate and effective music for this important occasion.
Irene is based in Bedford near the towns of Milton Keynes, Northampton, Cambridge and Luton. However, she will travel any distance to add that special element to your wedding occasion.
See also ‘Soprano Soloist’.

Irene Grant-Jones

Irene’s husband, Tim Grant-Jones can play all the organ or piano music for your wedding service or ceremony ensuring a reliable and unified musical experience for the whole occasion.

We can also help you choose all the other music and hymns and we can bring a (digital) piano to the venue if needed.
See also ‘Organist and Pianist’.

Contact Irene by phone (01234 853399), or click here to email us.

She will respond as soon as she can with availability and cost.


Irene & Tim provide the music for other occasions (see ‘Other Occasions’) and offer a range of other musical services including teaching and coaching singers and pianists.