Other Occasions

Tim and Irene can provide the music for other events such as:–

Funerals & Memorial Services
Private Parties or Concerts

Whatever the situation we will perform suitable music and are happy to assist you with the choice of appropriate music if required.

Irene Grant-Jones

Funeral & Memorial Services

Expert advice on choice of music at the Service

Soprano soloist at the Service

Organ and/or Piano playing at the Service

Poetry and Readings for the Service

Home consultation and demonstration if required

Irene Grant-Jones - Soprano Soloist

Irene welcomes the privilege of singing during your loved one’s funeral or memorial occasion. She will add sensitivity and beauty to your service or ceremony with her uplifting voice in the singing of any appropriate music chosen by you or the family. She can help you choose music that is unique that will empathise with your feelings and help to capture the essence of your loved one.

Irene takes a personal interest in the family experiencing their loss as they prepare for the funeral, and can also offer help in choosing the hymns and any readings and poems.

Poetry and Readings

If you have a reading or poem to be given during the occasion, Irene can sensitively read this or if any friend or member of the family is planning to do a reading or a talk during the occasion who is not used to speaking in public, she can assist with voice production and delivery. Irene can also create a reading or poem that is appropriate and personal.

Tim Grant-Jones - Organist and Pianist

Tim can play the organ or piano for the service or ceremony if required.

Irene Grant-Jones

Private Parties or Concerts

Over the years we have played and sung at a huge variety of musical events. We have the experience and repertoire to accomodate your needs and will arrange the right music to perform for your occasion.

Call us on 01234 853399 or click here to email us to discuss your requirements.